Liz Woods is showing off her summer body after she lost a significant amount of weight

 Liz Woods lived a peaceful life as a restaurant manager before she met Big Ed Brown and became a reality TV star. However, over the years, the stress and emotional turmoil caused by being in a toxic relationship led to unhealthy eating and drinking habits, resulting in weight gain.

Fans of the reality show 90 Day Fiancé had the chance to see Big Ed and Liz together again on the eighth season of the spinoff Happily Ever After. However, this new season will showcase the downfall of the couple, indicating that there won't be any happy ending for them. In the meantime, Liz Woods is moving on with her life and regularly sharing updates on her Instagram stories with her new boyfriend, Jason, without worrying about her non-disclosure agreement with the television network TLC.

Big Ed and Liz appeared to be in a genuine relationship during the first season of The Single Life. However, by the end of the season, they had broken up. Despite this, they continued to appear on the 90 Day Fiancé franchise as a couple, solely for financial gain and to promote Big Ed's photography and real estate businesses. Unfortunately, their fake relationship took a toll on their mental health, leading to binge eating and drinking, which caused them to gain weight. By the time they were filming for Happily Ever After season 8, they were in the worst shape of their lives.

Big Ed continued to live an unhealthy lifestyle, while Liz committed herself to a fitness routine. In just a few months, the 30-year-old lost a significant amount of weight. Recently, she shared a story on Instagram showcasing her summer body. Her caption read, "Body back just in time for spring break."

For a while, Big Ed kept lying and saying that he and Liz were still together. At the same time, Liz has been publicly flaunting her new partner on Instagram. A couple of months ago, Liz celebrated the birthday of her mystery man, whose identity was revealed later on by the internet detectives.