Julia and Brandon join the adult industry amid their marital and financial troubles

 In 2024, it seems that Julia Trubkina and her American husband, Brandon Gibbs, are no longer together and are living separately. The upcoming season of 90 Day: The Resort will reveal the reasons behind their separation. However, fans who follow Julia on social media and watch her Instagram stories might have a clue as to why she was unhappy in her marriage.

According to Julia's Instagram stories over the past 12 months, her life in the United States has been quite uneasy. She has shared that her neighbors have been cruel to her because she is Russian. Additionally, a car burglar stole important documents from her parked car, such as her immigration papers, passport, and ID, which has delayed the process of legalizing her stay in the country. Julia has also mentioned that she and her husband, Brandon, have been having disagreements over having children, and the baby subject has created tension in their marriage. Furthermore, Julia feels she is not earning enough money for someone her age. Sometimes, she feels envious when she compares herself to her female friends, who are doing better than her in life.

Recently, Julia shared some positive news, as she obtained her American citizenship in March 2024. The reality TV star shared her excitement with her followers on Instagram and wrote in the caption, "The path to citizenship was quite challenging, and the last few years have been tough, but I am thrilled to have received this news. I hope that this year brings even more joy and happiness. Thank you to all of my amazing supporters for your kind words."

Julia and Brandon are currently separated and possibly heading toward divorce, and they will need money to start their new lives without each other. This could be why they agreed to participate in the second season of "90 Day: The Last Resort." It seems that they did not participate in the new season of the spinoff show to try couple therapy and fix their marriage but rather to spend two weeks in a resort for free and earn easy money from the reality TV show. Additionally, they launched individual 0nlyFans pages instead of creating one together as a couple. Julia is offering exclusive content on her 0nlyFans page for just $14.99 per month, attracting a loyal following with her affordable pricing. On the other hand, Brandon's account comes with a slightly higher price tag of $15 per month.