Jasmine Pineda reveals why she won't have any more plastic surgeries

 90 Day Fiance star Jasmine Pineda was going the Silva twins route by ruining her body and looks gradually with plastic surgeries. However, she recently had a change of heart and decided to stop medically altering her appearance before it was too late.

Jasmine Pineda, a mother of two, has spent a substantial amount of money on plastic surgeries and beauty treatments in the past few years instead of saving up for bringing her family to the United States. She has undergone various procedures, such as breast and buttock implants, lip fillers, blepharoplasty, vaginoplasty, permanent makeup, eyelid and eye bag removal, ear hole reconstruction, appendix scar reconstruction, and, of course, Botox.

During a recent TikTok livestream, a fan asked Jasmine about what she would like to improve more about her appearance. The reality TV star disclosed that she desires to have a face and neck lift. Nonetheless, she emphasized that she does not plan on undergoing any more plastic surgeries, even if they were offered to her for free.

Jasmine expressed her desire to age gracefully to the fan. She assured them that she plans to maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine while firmly stating her decision to refrain from any further plastic surgeries. She emphasized her commitment to natural ways of maintaining her well-being and appearance, highlighting her belief in embracing "the natural process" of aging with grace.

Everyone knows that Jasmine's current appearance is not entirely natural, as she has undergone multiple plastic surgeries to enhance her body. Some people have speculated that her decision to stop plastic surgeries might be part of a marketing strategy to promote her new vegan protein powder, which she has named "Jazzy." Her fitness product was not well received by her fans, who didn't appreciate the fact that she was promoting a healthy vegan and natural lifestyle when nothing about her was natural. Building trust with the audience is crucial for fitness influencers, and being natural and authentic is the best way to achieve it.