Florian looks unwell during the filming of The Last Resort season 2 amid his marital troubles.

 It has been confirmed that the second season of 90 Day: The Last Resort is currently being filmed in Scottsdale, Arizona. Fans have spotted many former 90-day couples in the downtown area and at one of the resorts. It seems that Stacey and Florian are experiencing some marital problems behind closed doors and are turning to couples therapy in an attempt to save their marriage.

This week, a 90-Day Fiancé fan was in downtown Scottsdale when they saw a group of former cast members riding a pedal pub together. The cast members included Rob, Sophie, Brandon, Julia, Florian, and Stacey. The fan took a video and a picture of the group and shared it with the "90 Day Fiancé" community on Reddit.

Many members of the 90 Day Fiancé community on Reddit shared their disappointment with the cast of the latest season of The Last Resort, while some also expressed concern for Stacey's husband, Florian Sukaj. In his defense, Florian has never appeared particularly healthy, with his thin frame, pale skin, and dark eyelids giving him the appearance of a vampire lord from medieval Europe.

Rob the knob, Sophie, Julia, Brandan, Stacey and Florian spotted in downtown Scottsdale
byu/pnovaz in90DayFiance

A Reddit user sarcastically commented under the post, "You can spot Florian’s scoliosis posture from 16 miles away," and another concerned fan added, "I don’t think he has ever confirmed having scoliosis, but he definitely has some kind of back issue, and scoliosis is pretty common.".

Florian may possess the physique of a supermodel; however, his health might not be optimal due to his smoking habits and the stress of dealing with the Silva twins every day. Although there are signs that the Albanian sugar baby contemplates leaving his wife, Stacey, for someone younger and more compatible, the odds seem slim. He appears to relish being cared for and has been without a formal job ever since he arrived in the United States, despite possessing a green card and work permit.