Debbie's new boyfriend Ruben is asking their fans for a sum of $100k USD.

 Following her breakup with her crazy Moroccan ex, Oussama, Debbie Aguero has found a new beau whom she affectionately refers to as Ruben the Cuban, and both of them are part of the fourth season of 90 Day: The Single Life. 

Over the last few years, many new cast members who have joined the 90-Day Fiancé franchise seem to have ulterior motives. The show is meant to document the journey of the couples who are trying to make their relationship work despite the challenges. However, this hasn't been the case lately. Most of the couples don't even make it to a year together. Many of them appear on the show to get money to pay for their spouse's K-1 visa, promote their OnlyFans, or start a Go****Me campaign to solicit easy money from their fans.

Ruben the Cuban, unlike other cast members of the show, did not ask for donations for himself. Instead, he wants to use his newfound fame from appearing on The Single Life Season 4 to help a friend in need. This friend is living alone, suffering from a life-threatening condition called septic shock, and has a home that is in dire need of maintenance. The house has big holes in the roof and mold in the walls. As a start, Ruben is aiming to raise $10,000 in donations to buy his friend a camper to live in, while hoping people will donate a total of $100,000 to fix the friend's house.

At this moment, the Go****Me campaign has already received $120 in donations, and other cast members of the show, like Tyray, have posted it in their Instagram stories, hoping to get it noticed by the 90 Day Fiancé fans.

Ruben's confident and bold fashion choices reflected his Cuban heritage, with vibrant colors, daring patterns, and stylish accessories setting him apart from the rest of the male cast members from the fourth season of The Single Life. Outside of reality TV, Debbie's new boyfriend works as a VP of Sales and Commercial Strategy at Vehicle Inspection Systems (VIS). He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and Management from California Coast University.