Angela Deem has already moved on from her husband Michael Ilisami

 According to her recent social media activities, 90 Day Fiancé franchise star Angela Deem has completely checked out of her marriage. The 58-year-old is still feeling hurt after her Nigerian husband left her and probably will never forgive him; however, she refuses to sit alone at home feeling sorry for herself while Michael is out there living his life.

Despite being a fan favorite, Michael Ilisami's popularity does not hide the fact that he committed marriage fraud and that he doesn't "deserve" a green card just because his American wife made him go through hell during their six-year relationship. The Nigerian man will have to take the legal route to legalize his stay in the United States by applying for a VAWA visa. VAWA is not just for women, despite its name; males and same-s*x couples are also covered. Both men and women can become victims of abuse and seek an order of protection that forbids their abuser from getting in touch with them or going anywhere near them.

Angela Deem is active on TikTok, and she engages with her devoted followers through live streams multiple times each week, creating a dynamic space filled with interaction and connection. These sessions not only showcase Angela's outgoing nature but also serve as a way for her to momentarily escape the stress and problems she's dealing with in her everyday life.

Angela was recently spotted dancing with a younger man in her home in one of her recent TikTok posts. During their dance, they appeared to be adorable and affectionate towards each other. Some fans asked if the mystery man was her new boyfriend, but Angela did not give a clear response. Angela Deem already checked out of her marriage #90dayfiance #90dayfianceoftiktok #90dayfiancenews ♬ SALSA JAM NO.1 - Jaycee Mante
It's nice to see that Angela Deem has moved on from her husband and is enjoying her life with friends and family. She may still have a long court battle ahead as she fights to get her deceitful scammer husband deported. Nevertheless, amidst this legal turmoil, she remains remarkably resilient and self-sufficient, thriving independently without his presence.