Angela Deem claims her physical health is declining after her husband left her

 Angela Deem is still portraying herself as a victim after she was dumped by her Nigerian husband, Michael Ilesanmi. The reality TV star treated her man horribly for years and abused him mentally and physically on and off the screen, yet, according to her, he is the bad guy in their story.

Despite being prominently featured in the Happily Ever After season 8 trailer, Angela and Michael's absence from the show after three aired episodes left viewers bewildered. Rumors circulated, suggesting that they were removed from the show because of the Michael's scandal, which disrupted their storyline, leaving fans questioning the future of their tumultuous relationship on the show.

During her recent emotional TikTok livestream, Angela courageously opened up, revealing the turmoil brewing within her. With teary eyes, she confessed that the weight of her undisclosed marriage struggles was suffocating her spirit and shattering her once unbreakable resolve. As she navigates through the fragments of her shattered heart, Angela finds herself engulfed in a storm of bitter emotions, lost within a web of denial spun by her Nigerian husband's departure. Even as her appetite dwindles, the painful reality of their broken bond looms large, casting a shadow over her fragile mental and physical well-being.

Angela Deem recently shared on TikTok that she is still working on Michael's case and is determined to get him deported for marriage fraud. However, she also revealed that the whole process has been taking a toll on her mental state and appetite. She mentioned that she has been barely eating these days, and as a result, she has lost weight. Her current weight is 149 pounds. Pray for Angela Deem #90dayfiance #90dayfianceoftiktok #90dayfiancenews ♬ original sound - 90dayfiance news and gossips

The undeniable truth remains that without the glitz and glow of reality TV fame enlightening their path and the financial safety net of those continuous TLC checks fluttering in, Angela and Michael's marriage would've ended a long time ago. For almost five years, they were heavily involved in the fast-paced world of reality TV. This opportunity gave them a way to escape the repetitive routine of their regular jobs, as they now rely on their TLC checks, selling custom cameo videos to fans, and the income from their monetized social media accounts.