Vanessa reveals the real reasons why she's divorcing Colt

 This week, Vanessa Guerra publicly announced her split from Colt Johnson. The reality TV couple's marriage was a rollercoaster of highs and lows, weathering storms of financial struggles, career challenges, and personal differences. Despite their unwavering love, communication barriers and conflicting priorities strained their relationship.

It wasn't easy for Vanessa to take Colt away from his clingy mother. Debbie played a significant role in Colt's life, often described as overly involved by some. After Colt's trampoline accident, Vanessa stood by him as an unwavering beacon of support and love. Despite the shock and uncertainty that followed the incident, she remained steadfast by his side, offering both physical and emotional assistance throughout his recovery.

Despite standing by her man through thick and thin, Vanessa found herself grappling with the harsh reality that sometimes love never lasts. With time, she found herself slowly falling out of love with her husband. Despite their shared history and the memories they had built together, something within her began to shift, causing her feelings to wane.

Vanessa launched an Instagram Q&A session yesterday where she answered important questions from her fans. Recently, many 90-Day Fiancé fans saw Colt's active dating profile on Tinder and immediately jumped to the conclusion that he was cheating on his wife. When asked about her husband's cheating allegations, Vanessa said, "Thanks, but no, I left him over a month ago." then, the former reality TV star added that she was no longer in love with Colt, and their split was inevitable.

In his Tinder profile bio, Colt Johnson wrote that he was uncertain about being a married man and still figuring things out. Debbie's son has been unfaithful to his partner, Vanessa, a few times during their relationship. It's worth noting that he also cheated on his Brazilian partners before getting engaged to Vanessa. Given Colt's pattern of repeatedly cheating on his partners, he should realize that he is not suited for a monogamous relationship.