Tim accused by his ex Luisa of being vi0lent in the bedroom

Tim Malcolm's behavior in his past relationships was probably influenced by his introverted and germophobic nature. He was criticized by his former Colombian girlfriend, Jennifer, for being cold with her, and their relationship was marked by a noticeable absence of emotional warmth and intimacy.

Five years later, Tim's character remained largely consistent. His introverted nature and germaphobia continued to shape his interactions and behaviors within relationships. On The Single season 4, he met a long-lost love interest named Luisa, and they immediately clicked; however, by the time they were filming for the Tell All episodes, the couple had already split.

Despite what many show fans believe, Tim Malcolm is attracted to women and is not interested in men. The reality TV star is not into public affection and simply prefers to keep his romantic interactions private. A conversation between his ex-Luisa and a 90-Day Fiancé fan has revealed that Tim's actions in the bedroom don't match his personality in real life. Luisa described her lovemaking to Tim as rough and claimed that he was selfish and didn't care about or satisfy her needs.

One of the main obstacles to Tim's ability to maintain a healthy relationship with his future partners is his close relationship with his ex-girlfriend, Veronica. The two have remained close friends and effective co-parents to Chloe despite their past romantic relationship; however, the facade of perfection in their relationship masks the underlying issues hidden from public view. On The Single Life season 4, Tell All, Jamal and Luisa heavily criticized Tim and Veronica for being fake and claimed that the pair are toxic behind closed doors and regularly talk badly about each other.

Jamal teamed up with Luisa to expose Veronica and Tim, and the 90 Day Fiancé fans had already noticed the chemistry between them during the double date scene. Many of the viewers on social media think that the pair are secretly dating behind Veronica and Tim's backs and may return together as a couple on the fifth season of The Single Life.