This is why Gabe and Isabel are getting a divorce

 Almost a year after their season aired, 90 Day Fiancé The Other Way season 4 couple Gabriel Pabon and Isabel Posada are getting a divorce.  On the 29th of February, Gabe announced the divorce on this YouTube channel in a 5-minute video, during which he explained the reasoning behind the decision.

On the season finale, Gabe and Isabel tied the knot in a stunning wedding. He moved in with Isabel and her two children from a previous relationship, Miguel and Sara who loved and accepted him as a father figure. Isabel helped her American husband with his business, and she became his partner after quitting her secretarial position at a nearby law office. As one of the franchise's success stories, Gabe and Isabel were praised and loved by the show fans, unlike other cast members from their season.

Unfortunately, when it comes to reality tv couples, things are never what they seem, and there is always drama behind closed doors that the cast members can't reveal to the public because of the NDAs they signed with the TV network.

After his 90-Day Diaries episode aired, Gabe decided it was time to speak publicly about what was going on in his marriage. Like many foreigners who get married to American citizens, Isabel had expectations. She saw potential in Gabe not only as a husband but also as a business partner, believing he could help her achieve a better life, even though she genuinely loved him.

According to Gabe's recent YouTube video, he's feeling tired, used, and betrayed. He has been sending money to his wife every month to cover her rent and other living expenses in Colombia, but the funds weren't going to where they should, and now he's thousands of dollars in debt and working two jobs to pay that off. The franchise's first transgender cast member added that his Colombian wife has a habit of disappearing for days and then coming back without any apologies or explanations.