This is what Angela told the cops after Michael left her without a trace

 Weeks after Michael Ilesanmi left her without a trace, Angela Deem hoped to gain some sympathy from the 90 Day Fiancé fans. The 58-year-old reality TV star believes she was a victim of marriage fraud, and she's been working with her lawyers to build a solid case and get her husband deported from the United States.

The day Michael disappeared, Angela didn't understand what was going on, and she was afraid that something bad might have happened to her Nigerian husband. The truth is that her concerns were not genuine. Michael felt like he was being held hostage in his marriage and was treated terribly. The Nigerian was her ticket to reality TV stardom, and that's why their marriage lasted as long as it did.

Angela Deem's 911 dispatcher's audio recording got leaked, and 90 Day Fiancé YouTuber "MovingMAD!" was given a copy of it. Before Angela Deem started talking to the 911 operator, she told the daughter:" He's going home you can bet your a** on that.". That statement only meant that the crazy Meemaw was using her Nigerian husband's legal stay situation to terrorize and manipulate him. If he ever stops obeying her commands, she will promptly send him back home.

Angela has always enjoyed drawing attention on social media by sharing cringy quotes and extremely filtered videos of herself. Since Michael vanished, she has increased her social media activities, most likely to divert attention from her failed marriage. Her off show drama with Michael happened in the worst time possible, as it aligned with the start of the new season 8 of Happily Ever After.

For obvious reasons, the 90 Day Fiancé fans on social media are cheering for Michael and wishing for him to stay in the United States. Michael Ilesanmi is not the first male foreigner on the show who left his American wife before securing a green card. Tunisian Mohamed, Egyptian Mohamed, Luis, and Hamza also did the same thing, and all of them are still in the country to this day.