Sophie's mom brings receipts and exposes Rob's lies after the Tell All part 1 was aired

 In recent years, Sophie's mom has been angry with Rob Warne because he's continuously mistreating and gaslighting her daughter. Claire Sierra from the 10th season of 90 Day Fiancé felt like she didn't express her thoughts as she wanted in the first part of the Tell All, and went to her Instagram to expose Rob for the lies he told in last week's episode.

Claire and Sophie are very close and have a special bond. As a mom, she can feel when her daughter is unhappy or wasting her prime years with the wrong man. Claire is against the idea of giving her daughter to a man who lacks ambition and financial stability. According to her, Rob sold Sophie the dream, and when she came to Los Angeles to start a new life with him, he didn't deliver.

Soon after the Tell All Part One episode was aired, Claire went to her Instagram @1111clairesierra1111 and added two story posts exposing Rob for his lies. Sophie's mom shared a five-year-old social media post, in which, she wrote a caption praising Rob for being the right man for her daughter, claiming she wasn't always horrible to him. Claire thinks that Rob love-bombed her young and naive daughter, and as soon as Sophie came to LA, he started gaslighting her and broke all of his promises.

Claire believes that Rob is being deceitful and portraying himself as someone he is not. She never intended to become an interfering mother-in-law, but after witnessing her daughter's distress and tears over time, she developed many negative feelings towards Rob.

In her second Instagram Story, Sophie's mother described Rob as a narcissist and a fake person. She expressed regret for ignoring the red flags that she saw in Rob at the start of his relationship with her daughter. Furthermore, she assured the fans of 90 Day Fiancé that she will always support and have her daughter's back.