Natalie gives Josh another chance after being dumped and divorced by Mike

 On 90 Day The Single Life season 4 finale, Natalie Mordovtseva asked Mike Youngquist to take her back and expressed her desire to have a baby with him; however, that ship has sailed. The show was recorded a year ago. At that time, Mike had already moved on from his toxic marriage and was ready to pursue a divorce and meet someone new.

According to his Instagram activities, Mike has already met someone new, and her name is Sarah. June 2023 was the first time the American publicly posted a picture with his new girlfriend. The filtered photo of Mike made the 90 Day Fiancé fans question whether he had a girlfriend, leading to speculation that he had edited the face of an unknown woman in his picture.

Besides being a regular on reality TV and doing a couple of modeling gigs, Natalie has nothing else going on. The Ukrainian woman had a dream of becoming a Hollywood actress, but her aspirations were not fulfilled. Before she got dumped by Mike, Natalie broke up with her boyfriend Josh because he was not putting effort into their relationship. Without Mike and Josh, Natali's reality TV career hit a break wall. Joseph and Natalie are back together, they want to be on the single life season 5 #90dayfiance #90dayfianceoftiktok #90dayfiancenews ♬ original sound - 90dayfiance news and gossips
Based on Natalie's recent cameo video, Josh went from being the boyfriend to being Natali's backup plan, seeing that Mike is totally out of the picture now. Josh and Natalie were seen in a dimly lit cameo video taken at a restaurant. For some unknown reason, Natalie was talking about how her necklace completes her look, and then she moved the camera to focus on Josh, who was seated next to her. "Someone wants to say 'Hi,'" she says as the camera pans back to her after Josh waves at it.

Josh and Natalie have been suspected of being a fake couple for a long time. It's clear that Josh wants more exposure on his social media accounts, while Natalie is using him to boost her career. If TLC cares about their viewers, they should not cast these two again as a couple. Instead, they could find someone new for Natalie or stop featuring her on The Single Life and bring someone else on board.