Mohamed Jbali reveals his new American wife, not so long after welcoming his first child

 Last month, Mohamed Jbali from 90 Day Fiancé Season 2 announced to his premium Instagram subscribers that he's now a father for the first time. The Tunisian man was acting precautious and didn't reveal the face of his baby or the identity of the biological mother. However, his new Instagram post in which he celebrated his birthday made it easy to identify his new woman.

The Tunisian man is known as a controversial figure on the reality TV show due to his treatment of Danielle Mullins, his ex American wife. In addition to deceiving his unsuspecting spouse into allowing him to come to the United States, he also repeatedly embarrassed her in public on national television, shattering any remaining self-worth she might have had.

After divorcing Danielle, Mohamed initially faced an uncertain future in the US. To adjust to his new life as a single man in a foreign country, he chose to work as a truck driver, which took him across the nation. In 2022, the Tunisian "Love Rat" revealed that he had begun to explore the world of day trading. Mohamed has rented a house in Texas to set up a day trading office. He has installed many computer displays in one of the rooms so that he can easily keep an eye on the stock market. Despite working as a truck driver for many years, Mohamed searched for a less physically demanding job and began working from home.

The 90 Day Fiancé fans congratulated Mohamed on his newborn, but no one expected him to be married. In his recent Instagram post, the Tunisian wrote as a caption:" Happy birthday to me and my little family! I am so proud of my lovely wife for making my birthday so special and cooking for me my favorite food. Can't be any happier!".

Mohamed's low efforts to hide his wife's identity made it easier for anyone to find her personal Instagram account. All you have to do to find her is to search for the name "Jbali" in his Instagram following list.

We are allowed to share this information, because it's publicly available on Instagram, and anyone can see it. According to her Instagram page, Mohamed's wife's name is Jillian, and she's a Muslim American. It's unclear how they met, but Jillian is everything Mohamed wants in a woman and makes him happy.