Michael publicly speaks out for the first time after he ran away from Angela

 Angela Deem's possessive and intimidating character has pushed her Nigerian husband to run away from her as soon as he got the chance. Michael Ilesanmi may have committed a marriage fraud after his recent actions; however, most of the 90 Day Fiancé fans think that he was justified because Angela is known to be an abusive person.

Since last Monday, there have been many new revelations about the drama of the reality TV couple. Celebrity blogger John Yates was the first to cover the shocking news. He visited Angela's house and broadcast two live streams on his YouTube channel. The live streams lasted for a total of four hours. During this time, he provided multiple updates about Michael's escape situation. Additionally, he allowed Angela to explain her side of the story.

Everything we know so far about the story was reported either by John Yates or by Angela Deem. Word on the street is that Michael had called the local authorities in Georgia and informed them that he was not missing while exposing Angela for physically and mentally abusing him; however, no verified source has confirmed such a story.

While Angela is working with her three lawyers to make a case and prove that Michael is a scammer and get him deported, the Nigerian man is nowhere to be found. The only information we have is that, he is currently staying with the American woman who aided in his escape. Ever since their wedding day, Angela has prohibited Michael from using social media, and he continues to abstain from it. All social media accounts that claim to be him are all fake. Recently, 90 Day Fiancé blogger on Instagram "kikiandkibbitz" posted an exclusive video of Michael in which he said:" Hello guys, this is Michael, just wanna quickly make this video to inform the public that I'm not in any social media platform right now, when the time comes I'll make it official. Okay thank you and god bless".

To avoid breaking his NDA with TLC or saying something that could lead to getting him deported, Michael didn't officially reveal anything about his recent drama with Angela. The Nigerian is probably putting together a case to counter Angela's claims and find a way to stay in the country as a victim of an abuser.