Jibri has a message for his wife Miona and her new man

 In the last few months, Jibri Bell tried to keep his separation from his wife, Miona, a secret from '90 Day Fiancé' fans. However, he recently opened up about his feelings.

By late 2023, rumors were swirling regarding Jibri and Miona's breakup. The show's fans on Instagram noticed that the couple deleted all of their pictures together, including their wedding photo album. They also stopped wearing their wedding bands and never posted a single social media post together as a couple in 2024. While Jibri was traveling, visiting multiple Asian countries, and creating motivational social media content, Miona didn't respond to her husband's midlife crisis and appeared preoccupied with her ponytail business and her date nights with her new man. While consistently promoting her business on Instagram, she refused to answer personal questions about her marital status.

Jibri's recent Instagram reel was an emotional music video that he wrote and edited himself. He used his music to summarize what was going on in his marriage with his Serbian wife behind closed doors. At first, Jibri's song seemed like a diss track with the sharp lyrics and a confrontational tone. However, upon closer listening, the true intention behind the song becomes clear: it's a heartfelt expression of his emotions.

The former reality tv cast member explained that he and Miona did their best to make their marriage work, but unfortunately, things did not go well. He blamed the 90-day fiancé show for being one of the reasons why their marriage failed and confessed that it was not easy to put their relationship in front of the public eye, although it was fun sometimes. Jibri confirmed that he initiated the breakup because he did not want to waste Miona's time any longer and assured her that his decision was the best for both of them. In conclusion, Jibri wished Miona and her new man the best of luck and advised his ex not to let her controlling and passive-aggressive character ruin her new relationship.