Jen Boecher's new boyfriend is half her age

 After her split from her Indian fiancé Rishi Singh, Jen Boecher found herself navigating the complexities of the dating scene once again. Seeking solace and companionship, she embarked on a new romantic journey with a younger man who seemed to be from South America.

Jen and her ex-fiancé Rishi starred on The Other Way season 4, where they were presented to the audience for the first time. Jen, who was 48 years old at the time, believed that she could have a happy life in India if she moved there and married her younger fiancé. However, Rishi's family opposed the idea, and their relationship was ultimately destroyed. The couple's significant age difference was one of the reasons they had to break up, and another was that Rishi wanted to have children in the future, which Jen would never be able to give him.

Jen Boecher recently shared a post on Instagram, which she has now deleted, announcing that she is no longer single. In the post, she shared a mirror selfie with her new man, who had his arm around her waist. Jen cropped the photo to partially hide her boyfriend's face and to prevent the 90-Day Fiancé fans from discovering his identity. She wanted to make her new relationship public without revealing her partner's identity.

Based on Jen's social media post, it's difficult to definitively determine whether their bond is rooted in genuine commitment or merely a fleeting fling. However, when considering the substantial age gap between them, doubts may arise regarding the longevity of their connection, leading to speculation that this relationship may ultimately be destined to falter.

Many 90 Day Fiancé fans may have labeled Jen Boecher as a "s*x tourist" due to her frequent travels across the globe and her apparent penchant for engaging in relationships with younger men. The speculation surrounding her motives for traversing different countries and forming connections with individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds may have contributed to this characterization. It's possible that the scrutiny and judgment she faced prompted her decision to delete her picture with her new boyfriend, perhaps out of a desire to shield herself from further scrutiny or to reclaim her privacy in the face of public speculation and criticism.