Jasmine's vegan protein powder business was not well received by her fans

 Over the past three years, Gino Palazzolo has spent a significant amount of money on his Panamanian partner. She made him pay for their trips, her plastic surgeries, her K-1 visa, and their wedding, and all of this spending has taken a toll on Gino's savings. A sneak peek from Happily Ever After season 8's future episodes has shown a heated argument between Gino and Jasmine, during which the American stated that he's struggling financially and couldn't pay 5000 dollars to help bring Jasmine's kids from Panama to the United States.

After meeting Gino and joining the popular American reality TV show, Jasmine Pineda is not willing to work another 9-to-5 job like she did in Panama, regardless of whether or not she receives her American work permit. The 38-year-old is now a D-list celebrity, and she's using her 15 minutes of fame to make money online from her Only Fans subscribers and from selling personalized videos on cameo.com. Unfortunately, those type of earnings are not sustainable and will decrease over time once she becomes irrelevant and no longer a cast member on the 90-Day Fiancé shows and spin-offs.

In 2024, Jasmine started her entrepreneurship journey as a vegan fitness influencer. The reality TV star collaborated with a nutritional supplement company to release her own sub-brand of Vegan protein powder, and she named it "Jazzy" Protein.

Jasmine protein powder
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It's difficult to gain credibility and respect as a fitness influencer when you have four implants in your body. Jasmine's fitness product was not well-received by fans of the TV show 90 Day Fiancé, who criticized Jasmine's business and labeled it as a joke.  A Reddit user wrote, "This is so n*tty. She has implants on her ch*st and b*tt. It’s like an oxymoron buying a supplement product from someone who gets surgery on most of their body and face. Not that it looks good. Her and Shekinah look like sisters now ", and another hater added, " Exactly like anyone is going to buy and drink products from her plastic a**. That powder must be 90% micro plastics".

Despite their cruel comments, the show's fans are right. Why would anyone buy a health supplement product from a plastic surgery addict? It will be like buying diet pills from an influencer who gets a couple of liposuction procedures done per year.