Is Jasmine dating Nikki after she left Gino?

 During the first part of the Tell All of season 10 of 90 Day Fiancé, Nikki Exotika made a comment about wanting to have a baby with Jasmine Pineda, which was taken as a joke. The Panama-born woman took it as a compliment and said that if she were not married to Gino, she would be Nikki's girlfriend, and they would be great together. 

The TLC's PR team is making a great effort on social media to convince fans that Jasmine and Gino are still together. They want to give people a reason to watch the new season 8 of Happily Ever After; however, members of the reality TV couple's close circle and one of their neighbors have confirmed that Gino and Jasmine have split and implied that the Panamanian is not living in Michigan anymore.

Jasmine was spotted alone in New York City after her breakup with Gino. Word on the street is that she's staying there with a friend until she finds a way to legalize her stay in the country while preparing for her inevitable divorce. During the last year, Nikki Exotika, who lives in New Jersey, became best friends with Jasmine Pineda, and they hang out on multiple occasions. The two reality TV stars have posted several social media pictures of them together. These pictures were not taken from footage of 90 Day Fiancé season 10.

Nikki and Jasmine sparked dating rumors after the former posted a photo album on her Instagram @nikkiexotika, in which there was a picture of her kissing Jasmine romantically on the lips. The rest of the album pictures showed Nikki and Jasmine in cuddly positions as if they were a couple.

During the first part of the Tell All, Jasmine confessed that she was attracted to women and even dated a few before meeting Gino. 90 Day Fiancé fans are no longer shocked by Jasmine's attention-seeking behavior. They know she will do and say anything just to be cast on the show again.