Everything to know about the LA incident that made Michael fear for his life and leave Angela

 Since 2018, Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi have been a regular couple on the 90 Day Fiancé franchise. Despite not being a fan favorite, the toxic couple has a lot of hate watchers who closely follow their journey for the purpose of criticizing them on social media.

After Michael ran away from Angela and claimed that he feared for his life, the 90 Day Fiancé fans didn't need more proof to know that Angela was abusing her Nigerian husband on and off screen. Her actions on the reality TV show during the last six years have shown the world how much of a violent and vile person she can be.

Michael Ilesanmi had possibly intended to leave his older American wife at some point in the future. However, a recent incident that occurred while they were staying at a hotel in Los Angeles caused him to change his plans and leave her earlier than expected.

According to reality tv blogger "kiki and kibbitz", There was a big incident that caused "the tide to change" and made Michael fears for his life. Allegedly, there was a big fight between Angela and Michael at the hotel in LA, during which, the crazy meemaw tased her Nigerian husband multiple times and later called the cops on him. To defend himself, the Nigerian had to shove Angela and then forcibly took the teaser from her hand. When the cops arrived, they separated the reality tv couple and made them sleep in separate hotel rooms. Angela was still mad at her husband and decided to cancel his hotel room, and he ended up sleeping in the hotel lobby that night.

You all see this? Mary (kiki&kibbutz) Cynthia & Kelly. Talking about Angela and Michael's alleged taser incident.
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Sharp Entertainment needs to hold its cast members accountable for the atrocities they are committing outside of their shows. Angela Deem should've been canceled a long time ago. They keep bringing her back because she has a lot of hate watchers, and the more viewers the TLC shows have, the more they earn from advertisers.