Debbie gives an update about her living situation, 2 months after she was denied entry to Canada

 Debbie Johnson and her Canadian boyfriend Tony Starcevich had a terrible start to the new year. After being misled by false information, Debbie was denied re-entry into Canada by border officers because her temporary residency had expired before she applied for a permanent one. Debbie moved all her belongings to Tony's Canadian home, and being left in the US with nothing was one of her worst nightmares. Her ex-daughter-in-law, Larissa Lima, offered to help her out until her immigration problem was resolved. However, for some unknown reason, that didn't work out.

Debbie's recent Instagram story shows she's struggling to find a place to stay in the US while working on getting her Canadian permanent residency. Colt's mother asked for help on social media, explaining that she won't be able to travel to Canada for at least a week due to her residency issue. Then, She added:" I have been staying in hotels, but is so expensive. Anyone know a place to maybe rent, or house sit/pet sit. Please message. I'm currently in Bellingham".

With over 187k followers on Instagram, it wasn't hard for Debbie to find the help she needed. A couple of days after the first Instagram story, she posted another one to thank the 90 Day Fiancé fans who were there for her in her time of need. Debbie Reassured everyone that she found a place to stay, and now, she's just waiting patiently to return to Canada.

Debbie and Tony were celebrating their 2nd anniversary when they faced an issue with Canadian border control. The reality TV star shared her joy on Instagram and posted a lovely picture of her with Tony with a caption:" It’s been 2 wonderful years since that day. I will be back in your arms soon where I belong. It’s been awful being away from you and the babies. I love you @rose. tattoo1977". Being far from Tony was painful for Debbie, but hopefully, she will be in his arms again next week.