Angela Deem has an idea about the identity of the person who helped Michael escape

 90 Day Fiancé star Angela Deem is no longer living in denial, and she finally accepted that her husband doesn't love her anymore. The American meemaw has emasculated her Nigerian husband for years and was controlling every aspect of his life. She recently described Michael as a "slow" person and promised to get him deported as soon as she finish building a marriage fraud case with her three lawyers.

Angela Deem wants Michael Ilesanmi to suffer the consequences of his recent actions. She regrets investing a lot of money and years of her life into a marriage that never had a chance to succeed from the start.

In a leaked video message that was recently released on social media by 90 Day Fiancé blogger "kikiandkibbitz", Angela Deem was speaking as a proud American while threatening Michael's friend and ordering him to stop contacting and sending money to her husband.

 According to Angela, Michael has a Nigerian male friend who is also married to an American woman, and he's living in the US on a visa. This friend has been in contact with Michael and is helping him financially and emotionally to prevent Angela from gaining total control over him.

Angela Advised the friend to delete Michael's phone numbers and asked him to stop sending him money. In case he doesn't comply, she threatened to find him and his wife and promised to complicate his visa situation by dragging his name into Michael's marriage fraud case.

The identity of the person who helped Michael escape is still unknown. Also, the Nigerian reality tv star didn't reveal his current living situation when he called the local authorities to announce that he was not missing. Allegedly, Michael has an American woman who he's been speaking with since he was in Nigeria, and she's supposed to be the one who helped him escape from Angela's home; however, the leaked video message showed that Michael knows Nigerian people who are living in the US, and any of them could've helped him in his time of need.