This is why Sam and his Brother flew to Indonesia after the show ended

 Sam Wilson's brother was not a main cast member on 90 Day Fiancé season 10. He was barely seen in a couple of scenes, and he wasn't too much involved in Sam and Citra's storyline like their parents were.

Recently, Sam, his brother Timothy and Citra were posting daily Instagram stories from their trip to Indonesia. The rumors about Timothy and Citra's sister Nafa's engagement were true, and this trip proved it.

Citra is now able to travel back to Indonesia without a problem, which means that she already got married to Sam and got her conditional green card. This type of visa can be obtained by every marriage green card applicant, who has been married for less than two years to a US citizen.

This specific trip to Indonesia was not about Sam and Citra. It was about their siblings who decided to get married in the Southeast Asian country. Timothy and Nafa are officially married and Citra's sister recent Instagram story confirmed it.

According to Citra, she was also going to get married in Indonesia, but that plan was canceled when she and Sam were cast on the 10th season of 90 Day Fiancé. Citra was lucky enough to get her father and two sisters to join her in the US before her wedding day. That was also a good opportunity for her family to come to America and meet Sam's family. On top of that, Citra was so relieved that her sister had left a terrible relationship, and started dating Timmy. She confessed that she attempted to set Sam's brother up with some of her friends in Indonesia, but that didn't work out, because he was so cold and awkward with them. Then, She was extremely happy when Timothy and her sister Nafa got engaged, since they already know everything about each other's families.

Not a single reality tv camera or TLC filming crew were spotted during Timothy and Nafa's wedding. The Instagram stories only showed the newlywed, Sam, Citra and her close friends and family members, which means that Timothy and Nafa's journey and wedding won't be shown in any future 90 day fiancé show or spinoffs.