This is what Shekinah had to say about Darcey's plastic surgery addiction

 Darcey Silva doesn't seem to be bothered by her alleged split from her husband Georgi Rusev. The 50-year-old reality Tv star kept doing what she always does, which is uploading cringe worthy Instagram reels to show off her "beauty", and to promote her only fans and cameo pages.

This week, The Other Way season 5 cast member Shekinah Garner left a comment under one of Darcey Silva's Instagram posts, in which she expressed how she really felt about the latter's recent body and face transformations.

Darcey Silva is notorious for her dramatic makeovers and bad choices in men. The mother of two didn't get wiser with age and keeps making the same mistakes. It's true that she is free to do anything she wants with her face and body, as well as date or marry anyone she chooses, However, what she's really doing is enabling her body dysmorphia and chasing broke men who are 20 years younger than her, and that's just sad to watch. Because of that, the 90 Day Fiancé fans were always so harsh and judgmental toward her. It appears that many of them follow her on Instagram just to leave mean comments, each time the reality TV star posts something. While Darcey is not a bad person, her public image was ruined by her controversial behavior on and off screen.

In an attempt to get some love from her social media followers, Darcey posted a picture of her younger self, and she wrote as a caption: "Muse". Her strategy worked and many of her fans left positive comments under the post. An Instagram user wrote:" This the Darcy we all like and loved but now you look so different I hate you botched up your face because you was prettier back then", and another one added:" Wow you look so beautiful at this picture! I guess it's an old photo but girl didn't you realize what a natural beauty you are?! Hope to see more of a natural you!".

Shekinah Garner, who is no stranger to plastic surgeries and dating the wrong kind of men, also left a comment under Darcey Silva's recent Instagram post. The Other Way cast member praised Darcey for her recent transformation and said:" So cute but I love how you have transformed yourself! We are our own creators and it's so fun make all our aesthetic dreams come true".

It wasn't surprising to see Shekinah praising another plastic surgery addict, because she has done plenty herself. At the age of 41 year old, Shekinah already had two face lifts, two neck lifts, a brow lift, an upper blepharoplasty, two nose jobs, and she's continuously injecting her face with Botox and fillers.