The real reason Sam Wilson started his 0nlyFans page

 Sam and Citra are unarguably the most loved and supported couple, from the 10th season of 90 Day Fiancé. According to Citra's Instagram activities, she appears to be still living with Sam, in the same house where they filmed for the show.

Last month, Sam shocked many of the show fans, when he revealed that he started his 0nly fans page. On the show, the 30 year old Missouri man converted to Islam to be able to marry his Indonesian fiancé, and in Islam, being an 0nlyfans adult model is definitely "Haram". Sam's recent Q&A session on Instagram explained more the reason why he's trying to make money online. Such potential online income could help him achieve one of his future plans with Citra.

In the recent years, Sam's been working for a retail company. His job entailed storing product cartons in large containers. He worked two shifts at his job and had to sleep in his car to save time on the commute; Otherwise, it would take him two hours to get to work and back home. Being a dockworker may not be his dream job, however, that's the best he could find in his area, owning to the fact that he used to be an addict.

During his recent Instagram Q&A session, Sam Wilson revealed much new information about his private life to his fans. The 90 Day Fiancé season 10 cast member confessed that he and Citra are not planning to have a baby yet, but in case it happens, they will embrace it. When asked about his addiction, Sam claimed that he stopped taking "suboxone", and confirmed that he's been "clean" for a while now.

One Instagram user asked:" What are ur plans in the next 5 years? having kids?" and to that, Sam answered:" Get a house out here and have a family and decide if we want to live in America or Bali Indonesia. If financially possible".

Because of his past and the competitive job market in the United States, Sam will never be able to find a high-paying job. His only chance of success is to start his own business and try to make it on his own as a business owner. Sam's 0nly fans "adult modeling career" could be his ticket out of poverty. If he manages to get a couple hundred of loyal monthly subscribers on the adult platform, he will be able to support himself and his wife, when they decide to relocate to Indonesia one day.