Sophie Sierra suffers a massive hair loss and explains what caused it

 90 Day Fiancé season 10 star Sophie Sierra revealed some shocking photos on her recent TikTok video. When she started filming for the show, the British social media influencer suffered from a massive hair loss on both sides of her head, which is why she had to wear wigs to cover it up.

On her official TikTok page "@sophiesierra90day", the 25 year old did a commentary video and shared multiple images of how terribly damaged her hair was, prompting her to start wearing her blonde wig. The pretty Londoner is presently starring in season 10 of 90 Day Fiancé alongside Los Angeles native Rob "the knob" Warne. Sophie lived a luxurious life at home before moving into Rob's 1 room apartment, which had no indoor bathroom. Rob criticized Sophie's desire for wanting a better life, making her feel horrible about her wealthy upbringing. He also allegedly cheated on her during their relationship with many of his only fans subscribers, with whom he kept exchanging explicit private photos and videos of himself until the day he got caught.

After many haters and online trolls kept making fun of her bad wigs, each time they see her on TV, Sophie decided to clap back and justify her looks on the show. She mentioned that she grew up with curling dark hair that was healthy. Then, she stupidly chose to go blonde, and that made her hair became so stiff and fried. Sophie stated that her hair just fell out around a week prior to filming for the 10th season of 90 Day Fiancé. She didn't think it was because to bleaching, but she suspected it was due to stress.

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After a year or so, Sophie's hair began growing back. She colored it brown and left the black roots alone. Sophie's natural curls also started returning, and after she finished filming for the show, she has quit wearing the blonde wigs. All of her recent social media posts demonstrate that she likes to reveal her natural brown locks, but clearly, she also does rely on extensions to make her hair look longer.