Shekinah and Sarper's makeup-free looks are scaring their fans

 On 90 Day Fiance The Other Way season 5, Shekinah Garner and Sarper Güven looked at their best. The reality tv couple has a high maintenance type of beauty, which requires a lot of time, efforts and money to maintain.

Last week, the pair visited a med spa in Turkey to get some Botox injections done. They also filmed the whole thing and posted the video on one of their Instagram profiles. In the video, Shekinah and Sarper looked so pale and sick, which made some the show fans worry about their wellbeing, while others used this as an opportunity to make fun of the couple and their appearances.

Sarper and Shekinah's relationship appeared shallow, as they had largely discussed each other's physical looks while filming for the fifth season of The Other Way. While talking to the camera, the Turkish "bad boy" revealed what inspired him to fall for his American Partner. Sarper stated that Shekinah is so precious to him because "She's a s*x bomb on the outside, but soft on the inside.". Sarper also admires Shekinah's desire to care for others. According to him, when Shekinah loves someone, she becomes so protective of them.

Having Botox injections together as a couple is exactly the type of activities you expect to see Shekinah and Sarper doing. Shekinah filmed her Turkish lover as he received his injections. She asked him to make a variety of facial expressions, as he sat in his chair and prepared to be injected.
Sarper gazed directly at the camera and complied with Shekinah's wishes. Then, the Turkish doctor began working on his forehead and crow's feet. A couple of minutes later, the doctor went to inject Shekinah's face and neck.

A Reddit user took a couple of screenshots from Shekinah's video, and posted them on the 90 day fiancé sub Reddit. One 90 day fiancé fan commented under the Reddit post:" Sarper looks like he has been doing some other kind of injections. He looks sickly", while another one sarcastically added:" They look like 2 steps away from an episode of the walking dead!". 

Shekinah and Sarper looked sick while getting their Botox shots, and the show fans thought that this was a good opportunity to make fun of the reality tv couple. Neither Sarper nor Shekinah seemed to be bothered by the haters' comments either on Instagram or Reddit. The same thing happens every time they post something on social media, and they got used to the hate and trolls' comments by now.