Sam and Citra give pregnancy update after the show ended

 Many 90 day fiancé got the idea that Citra from 90 Day Fiancé season 10 was pregnant. It's 2024 and people still don't understand, that it's rude to publicly say that a woman is pregnant, based only on her physical appearance.

Citra is active on social media and she has had enough with the internet gossiping about her pregnancy. Last week, she went to her Instagram and uploaded a story to address the rumors and explain what was really going on.

When she was speaking to the cameras on the show, many of the viewers noticed that Citra's abdomen region appeared like she had a baby bump. While others have seen the same thing, but on some random social media picture of her. Both conclusions contradict each other, because if Citra has been in the same shape during the last 3 years, that only means that she was never pregnant.

The Indonesian beauty saw what people were talking about her on social media, and decided to upload an Instagram story to stop the false rumors from spreading even further. She slammed the show fans for body shaming her and wrote as a caption:" People are so funny not every women out there has flat stomach. On that picture we just finished celebrating our engagement with my family we had lunch and my stomach bloated after I eat and people think I'm pregnant and that picture from June 2021 if I was pregnant at that time until now what kind of baby I'm having for pregnant 3.5 years, alien baby? sometimes I enjoying when they arguing trying to figure out about your life like they know very well about your life lol".

According to Citra and Sam's recent social media activities, they are still together and living in the same house that was filmed on the 10th season of 90 Day Fiancé, which means they got married and Sam didn't go to jail.