Mohamed Jbali welcomes his first child, but who is the mystery baby mama?

 Mohamed Jbali from 90 Day Fiancé Season 2 has just announced to his premium Instagram subscribers that he's now a first time father!

The Tunisian man's behavior toward his ex American wife Danielle Mullins made him one of the most indisputable villains of the reality TV show. Not only he scammed his naïve wife and convinced her to bring him to the United States, but he also humiliated her publicly multiple time on National TV, and crushed what ever little self-esteem she may have left.

At first, Mohamed faced an unclear future in the United States following his divorce from Danielle. He decided to work as a truck driver, which brought him all over the country, while he settled into his new life as a single guy in a new country. However, The Tunisian "Love Rat" revealed back in 2022 that he is now exploring day trading. Mohamed set up a day trading office at his rented home in Texas, with multiple computer monitors so that he could readily monitor the stock market. While truck driving had provided him a steady income for many years, Mohamed was looking for a less physically demanding profession and decided to work from home.

After being social media silent for almost a year, Mohamed Jbali is back being active again on his Instagram @mohamedjbaliusa. The 29 year old told his fans that he activated the subscription button on his personal Instagram profile, for a total sum of $4.99 USD a month plus taxes, for those interested in following his personal and private life behind the scenes.

Twitter user "choochling" managed to get their hands on a selfie picture of Mohamed and his newborn son, and decided to repost it on the social media platform with a caption:" UMMM does Mohammed have a BABY?".

Neither Mohamed's original post or the Twitter's reposted mentioned who is the mother of the child, whether she's his current girlfriend or just a one night stand. The Tunisian decided to keep that part of his life private, even for people who paid a premium price to watch it closely.