Mary is getting cancelled after she faked her colon cancer to get donations from fans

 Mary Demasu-ay from The Other Way season 5 has disappointed the show fans, after self diagnosing herself with colon cancer. The former reality TV cast member immediately started asking for donations, without showing any legit medical proof of her alleged illness.

The young Filipina suffers from an extreme anxiety and panic attacks. After watching a couple of TikTok videos about the Symptoms of having a colon cancer, she instantly jumped to the conclusion that she has the life threatening illness.

After receiving backlash for posting a shady f undraiser, Brandan took to Instagram to attack the heartless 90 Day Fiancé fans who kept flagging their "Gof undme" and "gogetf unding" pages, and reporting them for scam. Then, the young American stated that his wife was not lying, and he confessed that Mary was experiencing abdominal pain and a constant fever. He also claimed that his wife was battling with continuous vomiting and had gone through a lot after giving birth to their baby daughter Midnight.

To prove that she was not lying, Mary posted pictures of numerous medical tests that she had to go through lately, and she wrote as a caption:" People gonna hate no matter what.", however, colon cancer was not mentioned in any of those medical test results.

Mary FINALLY uploaded her "proofs". Papers show no word of CANCER.
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Things didn't go as planned for the young reality TV couple. Unfortunately for them, they lost over $1600 US Dollars in donations, and both of their f undraising pages were taken down. The 90 Day Fiancé fans who sympathized with them and believed their lies got fully refunded.

Some Reddit users showed some sympathy towards the young mom, and tried to understand and analyze her symptoms. A female Reddit user wrote:" I honestly think she has hemorrhoids after giving birth, which is very common. Even tho she had a C-Section, the baby still pressed on all her organs for 9 months. All her organs still shifted around in her body during those 9 months. And it's very obvious that after carrying the weight of a baby for almost a year of her life, her body wouldn't feel the same".

Despite her recent despicable actions, no one wishes bad for Mary and her family. Not so long ago, fellow cast mates Cleo and David also started their own f undraiser pages and asked the show fans for donations. They made their requests with clarity and honesty, and as a result, each of them received a generous sum of money from donations that will aid them in achieving their goals. The failure of Mary's f undraising campaign can be attributed to her lies and attempt to deceive the fans of 90 Day Fiancé.