Mary confirms receiving the Gofundme money that was donated to her false Colon C ancer Diagnosis

Mary Demasu-ay had to publicly apologize and admit that she doesn’t have colon cancer, after she was exposed for lying about the whole thing and blaming it on her anxiety. The young Filipina posted several misleading posts on social media claiming that she got the fatal illness, and stated that it was a matter of time before she dies, leaving her baby daughter without a mother. That made people sympathize with her and send her money without checking her story.

It was reported that both of Mary's f undraiser pages disappeared, after it was revealed that she's been lying about her colon cancer. Since hundreds of the show fans were reporting her pages for being a scam, everyone assumed that her "G oFundMe" and "G ogetfunding" were taken down and people received their refunds, however, that was not the case.

Justice was not served, and Mary's f undraiser pages were not terminated. It was she who shut down the pages. The former reality TV cast member cashed out the donations' funds because she saw too many angry fans talking about flagging and reporting her G oF undMe page.

In her recent Instagram story, Mary apologized again and confirmed that she received the G oF undMe donations. She claimed that the money was used to pay for her hospital bills. During a heated conversation with an angry fans on Facebook, mary wrote in one of her DMs:" I'm sorry but the people who send us money on g o f und me doesn't ask for refund. Did you send? Because im gonna refund it if you do. People who send us money on go fund me is our true friends/fans. Also those money goes to my hospital bills. KAREN".

It's a fact that the young TLC couple has "true fans". They have thousands of people following them on social media and liking their posts. Even before their recent scandal, Mary and Brandan received money from their supporters many times, all because many people sympathize with them and want the best for their baby daughter Midnight.