Mary apologies for lying about her colon cancer and explains the real reason why she's in pain

Mary Demasu-ay from The Other Way season 5 finally confessed that she lied about having colon cancer. The young Filipina faced a huge backlash from the 90 Day Fiancé fans, after she launched a f undraiser page and started asking for donations. She used old pictures from her labor day to deceive people into believing that she was in big pain, and suffering from a fatal disease.

Both f undraiser pages that the young reality TV couple launched on "GoF undMe" and "Gogetf unding" got taken down, after thousands of the show fans reported them for being a scam. Mary and Brandan didn't get a single cent of the total sum of $2000 US dollars, which they received from the 90 Day Fiancé fans who sympathized with them and wanted to help. All those who donated and were deceived by the reality TV couple received a full refund.

After being exposed by many reality tv news websites, bloggers and the show fans on social media, Mary had no other choice than to tell the truth, and apologize to everyone for her recent actions. Today, She went to Instagram and posted an Instagram story, in which she wrote a long apology statement, and also explained what was behind the physical pain that she's been suffering from.

Mary Blamed her extreme anxiety for her recent Scandal and she wrote:" I just want to say sorry for everyone. I posted saying I have colon cancer. I made a mistake and im just a human im very sorry everyone. Because when the doctor told me I have colon issue thought that means I have colon cancer. I got anxiety attack and I thought I have colon cancer and posted it without thinking. It's my fault and im very sorry about it".

An hour later, Brandan posted 3 Facebook stories on their joint social media page, in which he was defending his wife and talking about her recent medical tests and analysis.

update on Scamary and Brandan
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Mary and Brandan were in a car in front of the hospital, where the young mom got checked up. Colon cancer was not mentioned even once during Brandan's video update, because that's not what Mary is suffering from. Brandan said that his wife is going back to the hospital to do more testing next week, and hinted that she may need a colonoscopy.