Jasmine reveals why she doesn't want to go back to Panama after she left Gino

 Jasmine Pineda is may be a horrible human being and scammer, who treats other people like crap, however, the 37 year old won't tolerate a similar treatment from others. Recently, the reality TV star has been a target of online bullies, who kept asking her to go back to her home country Panama.

According to general common beliefs, being a sugar baby is the same as being an escort, and both are under the s*x work category. Gino's family was being cautious and didn't approve of Jasmine at first, because they knew that she was selling her time and body on a sugar daddy website to the highest bidder, before she met Gino. Nevertheless, Gino decided to bring Jasmine to the United States and his family acted as if they accepted her anyways, because they had a show to film and they must follow the script.

Despite the fact that Jasmine and Gino's split rumors are true and were confirmed by their close circle, none of the reality tv cast members can publicly speak about it at the moment, due to their Non-disclosure agreements with TLC. After the 90 Day Fiancé season 10 Tell All episodes will be aired, then Jasmine will probably be the first one who announce the split, and most likely she will use her Instagram stories to explain why she ran away from Gino.

Meanwhile, Jasmine Pineda is under attack and is getting many Xenophobic comments on social media, from people who are asking her to go back to her home country, especially since she's no longer with Gino. When an angry Instagram user told her:" Jasmine aren't u supposed to be back in Panama where u belong" the reality TV star replied:" My new home is America and those who don't like it can go and eat a d*ck".

The crazy Panamanian already considers the United States as her home, and she's here to stay, whether it's with or without Gino. Jasmine won't tolerate any r@cist comments from the show fans, and she will continue grinding until she achieves her wildest dreams.