Jasmine Pineda reveals how much she makes from her 0nly fans

 In a world full of "Simps", many women started to leave their 9-to-5 jobs to work as only-fans models. The adult modeling platform allows them to earn good money from the comfort of their beds, without wasting too much time and effort like they used to do in other normal jobs.

Larissa walked so Jasmine could run. That's what many 90 day fiancé fans have been saying in the last couple of years, and they were right. Both of the reality tv stars were Latinas in their early thirties, when they left their 2 kids back home, in order to come to the United States to get married and start a new life. Both of them got body dysmorphia and had multiple implants and injections.

Since Larissa and Jasmine are gold diggers and couldn't get what they want from their men, they both decided to start their 0nly fans pages to make strangers on the internet pay to support their lifestyle. Most of their OF subscribers are lonely and desperate men, who don't mind sending them money and gifts in exchange for their private photos, videos or even to have a one on one conversation with them.

Recently, Jasmine went to her Instagram to flaunt her 0nly fans earnings. She posted an Instagram story with a caption:" Babe... it's very likely I'll never read your dms in social media. That is possible in 0nly fans. This is how you can get my attention".

The reality TV star sent a warning to men, who are sliding into her Instagram Dms and trying to get her attention, by telling them that she won't answer them on social media. Her Instagram story also showed some data about one of her 0nly fans subscribers, who spent close to $8000 US Dollars on her which is absurd.

Aside from 0nlyFans, where Jasmine is accepting special requests, tips and charges $14.99 a month per subscriber, the crazy Panamanian has been routinely selling Cameos to the show fans as well. She appears to charge a fee of approximately $50 for each Cameo request, and she got over 500 reviews on her Cameo page. Thanks to her internet earnings, Jasmine is able to support herself and be on her own in the United States, until she finds a way to legalize her stay in the country. It was rumored that Jasmine broke up with Gino, and ran away after they got married and ended filming for the 10th season of 90 day fiancé, and now, she's staying with a friend in New York.