Jasmine Pineda responds to pregnancy rumors

 Jasmine Pineda is TLC's pet and that's a fact. The 37 year old Panamanian will say and do anything that the show producers ask her to do, just to stay on the show and to be cast again in future seasons and spin offs.

Last week, Jasmine was exposed for being a scammer, after people from her "entourage" leaked some information about her current relationship status with Gino. Word on the street is that Jasmine ran away from Gino's house, not so long after they ended filming for the 90 Day Fiancé season 10 Tell All episodes, and she's currently staying with a friend in New York.

Due to her loudmouth and lack of self control, Jasmine broke her NDA with TLC by revealing her current relationship status with Gino to people in her circle, before the tell all episodes were aired. Now, the crazy Panamanian is trying to do some damage control using her Instagram, to keep the show fans confused and distracted until the show finale.

In the last couple of days, Jasmine has been posting old pictures and videos of her, with Gino and his family on her Instagram stories to prove that they were still together, however, everyone has figured out by now that those footages are not recent. On the other hand, old pictures of the couple together are also being posted on Gino's Instagram profile to make the show fans believe that the couple are still together and living their happily ever after. What people don't know is that Gino may have access to his social media accounts, but the posts and comments are done and controlled by a PR agency, which works closely with TLC to keep everything under control.

To make people stop talking about her split with Gino, Jasmine used her Instagram stories to hint that she's expecting baby number 3. Her social media stunt worked and thousands of the show fans went to social media platforms like Reddit and Facebook, and started talking about her alleged pregnancy, however, that didn't last. Twenty-four hours later, Jasmine posted another story with a caption:" This was to show how much I ate and that I felt full. End of the story".

Jasmine is not having any more kids because she doesn't want to ruin her body, on which she spent thousands of dollars trying to re-shape and fix. Add to that, she already has two boys, Juance and JC who she abandoned to chase her crazy dreams. Her elder kid lives with her ex-husband, and her younger son normally stays with her when she is in Panama. JC has a particular ailment and struggled to live in the city during the pandemic, so he moved to the countryside with her mother. Jasmine introduced Juance in season 10 of 90 Day Fiancé. She claimed to have an amazing connection with him and referred to herself as a cool mother.

That was just for show of course. Jasmine is a horrible mother who abandoned her kids, same as Larissa did before her. The two crazy Latinas only care about money, and to feed their insecurities and body dysmorphias by having as many plastic surgeries as possible.