Jasmine has something to say to Mary about her recent fake cancer scandal

 This week, Jasmine Pineda used her Instagram stories to address the recent scandal, that Mary Demasu-ay started when she falsely diagnosed herself with Colon cancer to get easy money from the 90 Day Fiancé fans.

Jasmine criticized the scammy method that Mary and Brandan used to squeeze money from their fans. She decided to give her two cents and spread awareness through her social media to help people detect and avoid such scams in the future.

Almost all of the 90 Day Fiancé fans and cast members have heard about what Mary and Brandan did. The young TLC couple used their social media accounts and old pictures from when Mary was in labor to trick people and convince them that she was in big pain and has colon cancer. Then, they started two f undraiser pages and collected the money people donated before anyone starts asking for a refund.

Jasmine who has enough scandals to her name thought that she was in a position to give advice to others about the topic. The Panamanian who abandoned her kids for reality tv fame posted a couple of Instagram stories to address Mary and Brandan's colon cancer scandal.

Jasmine wrote down many questions to help her fans assess whether a fundraising was trustworthy. She asked her Instagram followers to determine whether the fundraiser page answered questions about the organizer's relationship to the intended recipient of the money, the fundraiser's purpose, and how the donations would be used. Another crucial factor was for the donor to see that the recipient's immediate family and friends were making donations and sending messages of support. Furthermore, Jasmine urged that one must examine whether the intended recipient has control over the withdrawals.

Instead of writing a bunch of "BS" about Mary and Brandan's recent scandal, Jasmine should focus on herself and her kids, and stop being obsessed with clout chasing and reality tv fame. Her Instagram stories were reposted on social media and were not well received by the 90 day fiancé community. One Reddit user wrote under the repost:" Takes a scammer to know one". That was the most accurate thing to say about Jasmine, owning to the fact that she committed romance fraud by leaving her American husband, not so long after they got married in the US.