Jasmine finally reveals the real reason why she broke up with Gino after they got married

 Jasmine Pineda has been continuously hinting that she's no longer with Gino. Since the start of the new year, she's been leaving many cryptic messages about the split, using her Instagram stories and during her live streams.

The crazy Panamanian was exposed by members of her close circle, and her former neighbor in Michigan for lying and hiding her real relationship status. The 8th season of Happily Ever After will be the last time we see Jasmine and Gino together as a couple, because the spin off show was filmed a year ago, when the reality tv couple was on the edge of breaking up.

In one of her recent Instagram stories, Jasmine Pineda went straight and revealed why she broke up with Gino. Despite her not mentioning her former husband's name in the story video, it was clear that Jasmine was throwing shade at her ex-husband, while revealing why she left him.

In the Instagram story, the mother of two said:" I don't believe in happy endings or sad endings, I strongly believe in new beginnings, keep moving forward baby, never settle for less, keep your standards high, you deserve the world, you deserve the best, you deserve to live life to the fullest".
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When she was in Panama, Jasmine has always defended Gino against the online trolls, who were making fun of his appearances. She stated that she loves her old, bald and pale "Gringo bonito" with all of her heart. However, after she came to the United States, her tune has changed. Nowadays, the 38 year old escort is all about self-love and "know your worth" type of mentality. Jasmine stated in her recent Instagram story that she doesn't believe in happy or sad endings, while implying that she won't settle for less anymore.

Add to that, the reality TV star added another hint to show her fans that she's no longer with Gino. She spent Valentine's Day alone, when she should have been celebrating it with her American husband. On a recent TikTok live stream, she hinted that she was single. Then, she posted an Instagram story in which, she shared a photo of a bunch of flowers along with the Miley Cyrus song "Flowers", to imply that she bought the roses for herself and didn't get them from Gino.