Jasmine admits that she's intentionally confusing the fans to hide her split from Gino

 At the start of February 2024, Jasmine Pineda was exposed for committing romance fraud, after she ran away from Gino and moved to New York to stay with a friend. The Panamanian didn't even wait to secure her green card first before leaving her American husband. Since she can financially support herself with her only fans earnings, reality TV checks, and her other social media revenues, Jasmine chose to legalize her stay in the country using other ways than being married to a US citizen.

Since the reality TV couple's split rumors started, the TLC PR team members who have partial control over the cast members' Instagram pages started posting old pictures of the couple together to confuse people and to keep them interested in the show, especially that Jasmine and Gino will be on the new season 8 of Happily Ever After.

Jasmine recently confirmed that by posting an Instagram story, in which she wrote as a caption:" I'm everywhere and nowhere to be found" and she ended it by a laughing out loud emoji. Then she added:" Me confusing everyone about where I am because I never post in real time".

Many fans of 90 Day Fiancé are unaware that the weekly episodes they watch are pre-recorded and not live. The truth is most of the footages were filmed one or two years ago and something even three years ago. What is shown on Reality TV doesn't always represent what is really going on in real life, because more than half of the couples will split sooner or later, but they must keep it quiet because of their NDAs with the TV network.

Jasmine frequently uses her Instagram Stories to criticize her husband Gino Palazzolo, or to call out her haters who are making fun of her plastic surgery addiction. She also loves to clap back at the angry show fans, who keep asking her to leave the United States, by publicly shaming them and sharing their mean comments on her Instagram stories. Although Jasmine can be entertaining, she's still a romance scammer and a bad mother who abandoned her children for reality tv fame.