Debbie Johnson has something to say about Larissa's new boyfriend

 When Debbie Johnson was denied entry to Canada, her former daughter-in-law Larissa Lima was the first one who offered her a hand. Despite being enemies when they were together on the 6th Season of 90 Day Fiancé, it seems like Debbie and Larissa have miraculously developed a solid friendship over the recent years.

On Valentine's day, Larissa Lima startled her Instagram followers by revealing her new boyfriend. The Brazilian gold digger came to the United States on a k-1 visa and got married to Debbie Johnson' son, Colt. Unfortunately, that marriage didn't last so long. After a couple of domestic abuse cases and cheating allegations, Larissa ran away from home, and Colt filed for a divorce.

The past is in the past and in 2024, Larissa has a new man in her life. On Valentine's day, the former reality TV star posted a cuddly picture from her date night with her new man, and she wrote as a caption:" Happy Valentine's Day to my other half and you all! Anything special planned for today? How do you plan to show your love? Consider expressing your feelings, sharing a meaningful memory, or simply celebrating the love you both share. It's a nice way to let them know how much they mean to you.".

Under her Instagram post, her former mother in law left a comment to show her support. Debbie Johnson praised Larissa's new man and said:" He is so adorable. Congratulations happy Valentine's to you and your boo".

Many 90 Day Fiancé fans would love to see Larissa again on the reality TV show, however, The Latina may want to keep her personal life private this time. Larissa has gone through a couple of toxic relationships and difficult situations in her life, yet she has always managed to overcome them and emerge stronger. The 38 year old mother of two has faced criticism for abandoning her kids in Brazil, and for her plastic surgery addiction, however, as she continues to grow in the United States and after she helped her former mother in law who was in a tough spot, Larissa is gradually starting to gain some love and support from the show fans.