Clayton's sister Brandi uses her 15 minutes of fame and joins the adult industry

 In the recent years, the 90 day fiancé franchise has become less about finding love abroad and bringing your partner to the United States, and more about clout chasers and people and their family members who want to use the exposure from the show to drive traffic into their only fans and fundraiser pages.

Clayton and Anali from 90 Day Fiancé season 10 are a little mismatched, as are many couples on the popular TLC reality tv show. Clayton appears to be far more interested in Anali than she is in him, and his family members have noticed that. While there are allegations that Anali is only using Clayton to get a green card, it is more likely that she just started to dislike him after she arrived to the United States, and saw his lack of social life and his weird and very close relationship with his mom.

Clayton's sister Brandi was not so fond of Anali when they first met. For obvious reasons, she thought that the Peruvian was using her brother and she was opposed to their marriage. However, because she's a good sister, she decided to help them out anyways and agreed to plan Anali's bachelorette party and even organize the whole wedding.

A couple of episodes towards the end of the 10th season of 90 Day Fiancé, Brandi became a fan favorite and started to be praised by the show's fans on social media. She also received hundreds of new Instagram followers on her personal page @brandi_clark_forever, which encouraged her to launch her Only Fans page because that's the norm nowadays for many females who appear on the 90 Day Fiancé franchise.

Brandi Clark is charging her OF subscribers $14.99 a month, and despite being divorced three times, she still feels good about herself and is willing to let the show fans get to know her better for the right price.