Citra claps back at haters who called her husband Sam a Trans Lady

 90 Day Fiancé Season 10 Star Citra has something to say to all haters, who are making fun of her husband's baby face. Last month, Sam Wilson made himself vulnerable when he used his personal Instagram page, to explain his mouth and jaw situation to the show fans. According to him, he does have bottom teeth and he looks jawless because of his Irish ancestry from his dad's side

Sam and Citra were actually in Indonesia this month to Celebrate their sibling's wedding. It may sound weird, but Sam's brother Timothy and Citra's sister Nafa got engaged last month, and tied the knot last week. 

During the same trip, Sam met his father in law Herman in a hotel room, and both looked so happy to meet with each other once again. In a recent Instagram reel posted by Citra, her father burst into tears and held Sam fiercely as soon as they met. Citra described the meeting as a surprise for her dad and she wrote as a caption on the Instagram reel:" Nothing better than coming home surprising your dad. Sam and I told my dad we weren’t be able to come to Indonesia and he felt so sad when we told him. He really wished that Sam and I be able to come because he misses us so much. We booked our flight last minute and had get through long a** flight that made our bu** numb LMAO but it was worth it to see his reaction he literally shocked and cried as he hugged Sam and I."

Unfortunately, haters and online trolls wouldn't let the reality TV couple enjoy their trip in peace. They kept writing mean comments about Sam's looks in the comments section of each of their Instagram posts. An Instagram user stated that Sam Wilson looks like a trans lady because of his baby face. That one specific comment triggered Citra and made her reply to the hater with an Instagram story, in which she said:" For dumb b*tches out there keep saying Sam trans because his face is too pretty they said you need to shut the hell up for real his package all real lol you see his hands are big? Yeah big hands big D energy!"

It's not clear what Sam's d*ck has to do with looking like a Trans Lady, but that's what Citra decided to use as an argument to defend her husband. Haters and keyboard warriors won't stop leaving mean comments under the 90 Day Fiancé cast members' social media posts anytime soon, so Sam and Citra will have to rise above the hate and just ignore it.