Chantel reveals how many plastic surgeries she has done, since her reality TV debut

 Chantel Everett has been a part of the reality TV world for almost a decade. The 90 day fiancé fans have followed her entire journey from the start, and have noticed that the reality TV star's appearance has dramatically changed over the years.

Many female cast members from the 90 Day Fiancé shows and spinoff started as regular looking people, but over the years that follow, they turn into plastic surgery freaks. In her recent Instagram story, Chantel was honest with her fans and revealed all the work she has done since her reality TV debut.

Chantel has always been accused of surgically altering her appearance, because she has started to look like a completely different person now. The reality TV star has always denied all of these accusations, however, her haters are not willing to let it go.

According to Chantel's recent Instagram story, the show fans started bugging her with plastic surgery questions, after the first season of The Family Chantel was aired. The 33 year old nurse injector is still denying the allegations to this day, and she wrote as a caption on her Instagram story:" I POSTED THIS IN 2020 AND I WILL ALWAYS BE HONEST ABOUT MY BODY. I NEVER HAD ANY SURGERY. ONLY BOTOX AND FACE FILLER, FOLLOW MY AESTHETICS PAGE FOR MORE".

The shape of Chantel's nose and her foxy eyes have already drawn a great deal of attention. The majority of viewers believe she has had a nose job and maybe a foxy eyes surgery. However, in one of her old Instagram stories, the celebrity has stated that this makeover was achieved using makeup rather than surgery.

Chantel Everett is currently a cast member of 90 Day The Single Life season 4. On the show, she went on a vacation trip to Greece with her "divorce squad", where she met Giannis, a former professional football player who also happens to be single and looking for love.

Giannis didn't appreciate Chantel's joke, after she told him that she prefers to date an orphan. Chantel is not ready to be in another family drama situation, after what happened in her last marriage. Giannis is close with his family, and he made it clear that he was still interested in her by asking if she would consider moving to Greece. Chantel coyly said she would stay for the right reason, and Giannis stated he could give her a good reason to stay, before they started kissing.