Brandan is asking for financial support after Mary was diagnosed with Colon cancer

 Mary and Brandan from The Other Way season 5 were never a fan favorite. The former reality TV couple received a lot of backlash and criticism for their unusual behavior and possessiveness. Their relationship was so toxic because Mary was so insecure, and didn't want her man to look or talk to any other females, and Brandan did a similar thing when he forced Mary to quit her education, and then asked her to stop taking modeling gigs because he couldn't keep his jealousy under control.

This week, Brandan DeNuccio went to Instagram and revealed some sad news regarding his Filipina wife. Mary who recently became a first time mom has been diagnosed with colon cancer. Brandan asked the 90 Day Fiancé fans for financial support, after he learned that his wife needed an urgent surgery to save her life.

In his Instagram story, Brandan posted a sweet picture of himself, Mary, and their baby daughter Midnight. He informed his followers about the unfortunate news and wrote as a caption:" I humble asking for your financial help for Mary's surgery to remove her colon cancer. We need help not judgements. Any amount will help Mary a lot and save her life". In the middle of the Instagram story, he added a link to their "gogetf unding" page, for the people who want to send donations and help paying for Mary's surgery.

Brandan then added an update with another Instagram story, in which, he thanked the show fans for their support and Donations, and revealed that Mary was already admitted to the hospital. In the Instagram story picture, Mary was wearing a face mask and she was looking sick and weak.

At the moment, the young couple has received a total sum of $899 US dollars in Donations, and the sum keeps increasing every couple of hours.

For some reason, many 90 Day Fiancé fans on Reddit believe that Brandan and Mary are running a scam just to collect easy money. Many Reddit users were having some doubts about the whole situation, and one of them left a comment that says:" It appears Mary and Brendan are using this platform bc they were banned from GoF undMe. It’s also been mentioned multiple times they live in a country with universal healthcare soooooo… keep that in mind.", and another doubter added:" I pray they aren't lying about cancer. I'm fighting that bih every day".

Apparently, Brandan is still unemployed in the Philippines and can't financially supports his family nor help paying for Mary's surgery, which is why he was forced to ask for donations from the 90 Day Fiancé fans.