2 months after his arrival to the US, Michael runs away and leaves Angela

 On the 26th of February, Angela Deem made some shocking announcement when she publicly revealed that her Nigerian husband Michael Ilesanmi went missing, however, the incident actually happened on the 23rd. Because her NDA with TLC, Angela had to wait a few days before revealing such sensitive information that could ruin the narrative of the new season 8 of Happily Ever After.

It all started when Angela went out to buy groceries and cigarettes and left her husband at home to watch her grandkids. This may sound like a thriller movie, but reports say that Angela used to lock the doors and windows each time she leaves the house, because she was afraid that Michael was going to leave her and run away if she didn't. Her worries were valid, and the day she forgot to lock the house, Michael seized the opportunity and ran away for his life while leaving all of his belongings behind. That includes his clothes, passport and phone.

Yesterday, Angela Deem went live on YouTube with celebrity blogger John Yates to announce the bad news. She was in a panic mode and she actually thought that he beloved husband was missing.

According to the blogger, Michael was reported missing on Friday, the 23rd, and the local police are now involved. The Nigerian prince got only $40 on him that day because Angela controls every aspect of his life, including his debit card and bank account. Michael left all his possessions, including his clothes, phone, and passport at Angela's house before disappearing.

On Monday evening, Angela was horrified to learn that Michael had been planning for his escape for a long time and was just waiting for the right moment to do it. The Nigerian played along and waited until they both finished filming for Happily Ever After season 8 Tell All episodes to execute his escape plan.

Michael Ilesanmi is safe and sound, and he is not missing. The 35-year-old called the local police yesterday and asked them not to reveal his location to his American wife because she's abusive and could track him and physically hurt him.

From the look of it, Michael will be applying for the U Visa, which is assigned to foreigners who have been mentally or physically abused by their American spouses.