Statler exposes Rob for lying about being self-reliant and for not mentioning his rich family

 Rob Wayne from 90 Day Fiancé season 10 is not a fan favorite, and he's been a target of criticism, because of his controversial actions and words on the reality tv show. The 32 year old was unprepared, when he brought his British girlfriend to the US on a k-1 visa. Instead of helping Sophie to settle down, he was acting like a drama queen, and called her a "bougie" for requesting basic things, like living in a studio apartment with an indoor bathroom, or buying a Duvet to help her sleep better at night.

Beside triggering most of the female viewers of the show, Rob also started having a feud with fellow cast member Statler, from Before The 90 Days season 6. When she's not working, traveling or playing with bugs, Statler spends her time on social media writing comments, and sharing her two cents about other cast members of the 90 day shows, and spinoffs. Two weeks ago, the bug queen called Rob out for acting like a victim all the times, and now, she's back with receipts to expose the reality tv star, for lying about being self-reliant, and for hiding the fact that he came from a wealthy family.

Rob was always jealous about Sophie's upbringing, and when her mom criticized his living situation, he exploded on both and called them out for living life on easy mode, while he has to do everything on his own, without anyone's help.

Statler thinks that Rob is full of it, and after a little digging online, she found some information, that contradict with the stories, that Rob's been saying on the show. On Twitter, Statler posted a picture of Rob's mom with a caption:" Rob’s mom. Who would 100% never let him live on the streets or whatever he said, His uncle is Jim Warne- former program director at San Diego State Uni & his other uncle is Donald Warne- a co-director at Johns Hopkins. He’d be fine LMAO".

The Before The Days cast member exposed Rob's rich upbringing, and revealed that he grew up in Overland Park, Kansas, which was listed as one of the richest cities in Kansas. Statler assured everyone that Rob didn't have a hard life and will never live on the Streets as he claims, because his rich family will take care of him.