Stacey Silva hospitalized after recent health complications

 When Stacey Silva posts an Instagram story from a hospital bed, it's usually to show off a recent plastic surgery, however, this time things were different. Stacey's recent Instagram story made her fans so worried about her, because she looked so miserable, while being hooked up to an IV, in some hospital room in New York City.

Over the years, Darcey and Stacey have undergone multiple cosmetic procedures in their pursuit of physical perfection. Their obsession with cosmetic enhancements has been a recurring theme throughout their reality TV journey. They have often sought validation and self-confidence through altering their appearance, hoping to overcome personal insecurities. Their plastic surgery addiction has been subject to public scrutiny and criticism, with some viewers expressing concern for their well-being.

Recently, Stacey Silva shared an Instagram story of herself looking exhausted, while wearing a pair of green medical scrubs. The TLC reality tv star did her hair in a high ponytail, and she was not her normal glossy self, however, even at her worst, she didn't forget to use a strong filter on her picture before posting it on her social media account. Stacey then posted another Instagram story. This time it was a video of herself lying in a hospital bed, wearing a hospital bracelet and she was hooked up to an IV.

For the time being, no one knows what really happened to Stacey or why she's in some hospital in NYC. The same Instagram stories were reposted on Reddit, and some of the show fans on the social media platform roasted Darcey's sister, for seeking attention without giving any context. 

One Redditor left a sarcastic comments that says:" She’s in the ER because Darcey is getting more attention than her right now", while another one has a theory, that Stacey may have harmed herself by the excessive Ozempic injections that she's been getting, and she explained:" They’ve also been getting Ozempic shots from a Groupon-esque “ beauty lab ” in town so maybe she’s having side effects from taking a medication she doesn’t need or has been getting the wrong dose since the woman who gives it to them is trained in facials, not prescription dr*gs.".

Whatever it is, we hope that Stacey is feeling better now, and is back home to her husband Florian.