Stacey Silva gives health update after her recent emergency surgery

 The new year started terribly for the Silva twins. While Darcey split from her husband Georgi only a couple of months into their marriage, Stacey was rushed to the hospital to have an emergency surgery.

In one of her recent Instagram stories, Stacey Silva informed her fans that she was in the ER at some hospital in New York City. A couple of days later, she revealed that an emergency surgery was needed, in order to cure whatever she was suffering from.

The 49 year old reality TV star was resting in a hospital bed, wearing a face mask and was probably still feeling the effect of the anesthesia from before the surgery. She added a text on her Instagram story that says:" I had an emergency surgery yesterday, thank you for all your prayers, positive vibes and well wishes. Still in recovery mode now."

This was not another needless plastic surgery procedure to improve her appearance. According to Stacey's Instagram stories, it looked like she was facing a life or death situation, where needed an immediate surgery to survive.

For personal reasons, Stacey did not provide any other information regarding what caused her illness, and Florian and Darcey have also been quiet on Instagram, and didn't reveal anything either.

The 90 Day Fiancé fans who saw her recent Instagram stories has something to say about the topic. Many of them were sure that Stacey made herself ill, from all of the surgeries and the injections that's she been having in the last 10 years. A Reddit user commented:" I imagine ONE reason amongst many others that she is being vague is because I’d bet money this “ emergency surgery” has something to do with one of the many foreign objects that she’s had surgically placed in her body. I’m sure admitting that this is a result of something she purposely chose to do, isn’t something her ego will let her admit ", and another one with the same opinion added:" Anyone else thinking she possibly had a reaction to something that was injected?".

Those assumptions are actually close to being facts, since the Silva Twins have been treating their bodies inhumanely in the last years, instead of aging gracefully.