Sam Wilson joins the A dult industry not so long after his conversion to I slam

 Sam Wilson from 90 Day Fiancé season 10 may have self esteem issues, after he became a target of online bulling by the show fans, because his resemblance to Popeye. Nevertheless, that didn't stop him from starting an only fans page, and start selling private pictures and videos of himself to whoever is paying.

This came as a shock to many Instagram users, who saw the new only fans link, that Sam added to his Instagram @sam90day's bio. Because Sam recently converted to Islam, which is a very conservative religion, people didn't expect to see him on the @dult website, selling private pictures of himself for a quick buck.

Many 90 day fiancé cast members admitted that the show doesn't pay well, and most of the money that they earned was spent on the k-1 visa process, and to bring their partners to the United States. Sam could be having financial troubles, that are preventing him from providing a decent life for his Indonesian fiancé, which is why he started an Only Fans page, hoping to monetize his fame from the show and earn easy money.

Only Fans Sam
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This only proves that Sam is not taking his conversion seriously, because a real Muslim will never do such thing. It would be interesting to see the reaction of his wife, her dad and sisters when he told them about starting his "a dult modeling career".

On the show, Sam was working for an online retailer company. His job involved stocking merchandise boxes in big containers. He was working two shifts at his job, and had to sleep in his car to save time on commuting, otherwise, it would take him two hours to go to work and return home. It's understandable why Sam is trying to make money online, because he doesn’t have a lot of job options, and being a dockworker, certainly wasn't a career he wanted to pursue growing up.