Sam Wilson explains what really happened to his jaw and teeth

 Sam Wilson from 90 Day Fiancé season 10 has been called "Popeye" by school bullies and even by his sister in law, because of the bone shape of his lower jaw, and his swollen big hands. Recently, the 30 year old slammed the online trolls for making fun of his appearance, and revealed the painful story behind his dental problems.

The Missouri man met 26 year old Citra on an International dating app. The Indonesian beauty messaged him first to ask about his baby face. The pair kept texting each other on a daily basis, and eventually started to have a long distance relationship. Even if Sam wasn't interested in dating the Indonesian woman at first, he still got drawn to her physical attributes, specifically her behind. The couple dated online for two years, until Sam finally decided to fly to Indonesia, where he met his love in person and proposed to her.

Unlike other foreign female cast members on the show, Citra was a sweetheart back when she was in her country, and didn't become toxic or whiny after she came to the United States on a k-1 visa. She was supportive and never made fun of her man's appearance, however, her sister and the show fans were not as nice as her.

Sam's unusual facial features have sparked speculation regarding whether they have anything to do with his previous dr*g addiction.

To stop the gossips, Sam went to his Instagram and posted a photo album, which included pictures from his teenage years, and he wrote as a caption:" Let me tell about my story so people can think before they speak. Long story short, my family didn’t have the best upbringing and parents fighting a lot, which I love them they did the best they could but sometimes we got neglected because of it. My teeth being one of them and yes I have bottom teeth I have this jawline from my dad's side all of his family have the same jaws because we have part of irish."

Sam's addiction past has nothing to do with the shape of his jaw now, and he confirmed that he actually has lower teeth. Hopefully, people will stop making fun of his appearance, every time a new 90 day fiancé season 10 episode is aired.