Rob is showing off his new apartment and indoor bathroom after the show ended

 Rob "the Knob" from 90 Day Fiancé season 10 was always heavily criticized by the show fans. He's been called cheap, and a bum on a multiple occasions, after he tried to convince his girlfriend Sophie, that having a creepy outdoor bathroom, while living in a bad neighborhood was fine.

The 32 year old admitted earlier on his Instagram stories, that he was in a tough spot in life, when he was filming for the show, but now, he got his life back on track. The outdoor bathroom drama began when Sophie left the UK, and relocated to Rob's house in Los Angeles. She thought it was crazy that her partner did not have an indoor restroom, and asked him to start looking for another place as soon as possible. Unfortunately, Rob did not take her seriously or listen to her worries. Instead, he attempted to deceive her into believing she was making an uncommon request, by calling her "too bougie".

According to his recent Instagram stories, Rob seems to have found a better place to live. The 90 Day Fiancé season 10 cast member recently took to social media, to inform his haters, that he is now living in a new apartment with an indoor bathroom.

A lot has changed after Rob ended filming for the reality tv show. At the present time, he works at Cap's Service & Repair in Austin, Texas. However, it goes without saying that he should have had a stable job, and this type of apartment, before inviting his 23-year-old girlfriend to live with him.

The same people who called Rob cheap, also called him out for spending "top dollar" on his hair, instead of other important things. The reality tv cast member clapped back at those false claims and said:" what's funny is somebody said I'm cheap, I only wanna spend top dollar on my hair, I actually spend less money on my hair now that is long, because now I just get you know a line up, little fade on the sides, that's it. I don't spend any money on growing my hair, I mean hair grows, I don't spend money on that."

Without stating any spoilers, if you would like to see whether Rob and Sophie are still together or not, after they ended filming for the show, all you have to do is to look closely at his Instagram @robwarne_ stories.